Club Update 16th August 2019

Dear Member,

Just to keep you informed of what is happening within the Club in view of the unfortunate circumstances.

As you know Mike Knapp, our Chairman since 1997, sadly passed away last Sunday 11th August after a short illness. What you are probably not aware of is that Mike had arranged a Committee meeting for Tuesday 13th and, through his son Ivor, had given very clear instructions that this meeting should take place. I met briefly with Ivor on Monday evening to offer our condolences and to receive Mike’s folder which included his agenda of items to be discussed at this meeting.

Our Secretary, Russ, is sending a card of condolence from the Club to Mike’s wife Jill and their family. Individual cards may be passed to Clive White at the Winterbourne field for onward delivery.

At this Committee meeting on Tuesday I was co-opted to the interim role of Chairman until the AGM on 25th November at which the Election of Officers for next year will take place as usual. Meanwhile everyone in the Club is requested to consider suitable candidates not only for the role of Chairman but also any other Committee positions that may become vacant.

What follows is my summary of the important points of the meeting.

An agenda item that Mike had been working on for some while was the replacement of the small container at Winterbourne that is currently just being used for storing models for sale largely in support of the Air Ambulance charity. Having been repaired previously it is again leaking badly, and only last week Mike and a few of us had visited our supplier (Mike’s relative) to view the available options and obtain pricing. I’m pleased to advise that the Committee unanimously approved this purchase, and that the intended replacement will be both bigger and more functional that the old one. I have since spoken to our supplier and will visit them again next week to hopefully finalise the agreement.

There was detailed discussion about the possible purchase of a defibrillator (AED) for Winterbourne. A review of the recommendations and criteria (using a document produced by the Resuscitation Council (UK) and the British Heart Foundation) for a suitable installation was carried out, and it was determined that at the current time we have neither an acceptable location nor sufficient/adequately trained members to be suitable. However with the pending arrival of the new container and given time to identify and train enough volunteer members there may (or may not) be a different determination in the future. The Committee therefore decided to defer any decision for one full year whist in the interim validating if the criteria could be met.

Mike had been liaising with the Air Ambulance managers regarding an opportunity for several of our Club members instrumental in the charity collections and events to visit their site, at which time it was intended that the money collected during the year would be presented. This visit is temporarily on hold but Dave Bowling has kindly offered to act as Club liaison.

A recommendation from our late Chairman that an additional field marshal is required at Winterbourne was accepted by the Committee. We are pleased to announce that Mike Rich was co-opted to this position and has accepted!

Standard business in line with the normal running of the Club was also covered in this Committee meeting.

Best regards,

Steve Kirby.
Membership Secretary and interim Chairman.