General Meeting and AGM Update (2019)

Subsequent to these meetings Clive White sadly passed away on 19th December.

General Meeting and AGM Update

A few points from both the General Meeting (Club Report) and AGM in November 2019 for those who were unable to be there ….

  • Two small revisions were made to bring the Club Constitution up to date (General section item 2 and Club Management section item 3), the latest version is on this web site..
  • The Winterbourne flight line position (pilot line and pits area) may/should be moved appropriately from its usual location if conditions dictate. Traffic cones are in the new container both to use as markers and to block off inappropriate parking locations.
  • The access code to the key safe for the new Winterbourne container is available to anyone needing it and can be found in the Members Information section. Please note the code will change in early 2020.
  • Models must be carried/wheeled (NOT taxied) from the pits area to in front of the pilots, after which taxying out to position for take-off is permitted. Taxying back after landing must be at/to the edge of the field ending in line with the pilots (never pointing towards the pilots), then carried/wheeled to the pits from there. Please ask the Field Marshals to clarify if needed.
  • Peter Wilson was unanimously elected Chairman.
  • Nick White was elected Field Marshal at Badminton. Our thanks to Clive Podmore who stood down after many years in the role.
  • John Stennard and Mike Rich were elected Field Marshals at Winterbourne, with Peter Wilson standing down on becoming Chairman.
  • All other Committee positions remain the same, the full list will be on the 2020 calendar when published.

As a follow-up to the Club Update of 16th August I’m please to confirm that both the new container at Winterbourne has been installed and the visit to the Air Ambulance base at Almondsbury has taken place. Details were circulated to Members in the regular Club Bulletins which are also available here in the Members Information section.